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SEO is the process of ranking your website on top of search engines.

In this process, you should optimize your site content according to specific keyword terms.

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OnlineCaptain is the best SEO services provider in Surat.

Our team expert in the search engine optimization process.

We do best on-page, off-page, and technical SEO very well.

Proven SEO Services Steps

Website Audit

The full website audit is the first part to start SEO to understand where your site stands in SEO.

Keyword Research

We are finding the perfect keyword which will helps you to drive relevant website visitors.

Content Optimization

Our team will create SEO-optimized and high-CTR content on your landing page.

On-page SEO

We optimize heading, HTML tags, and image alt tags to improve on-page SEO on websites.

Technical SEO

How fast your website load is very important and we know about website speed optimization.

off-page SEO

The backlink is the most important thing on off-page SEO and our team is experts in Backlink creation.

Why OnlineCaptain for SEO?

Monthly Ranking Report

Customize SEO Plan

Experiance SEO Team

Master in Keyword Research

Know Search Engine Work

Information About Google

Affordable SEO Plans

Understand SEO Tools

Master in Technical SEO

Best SEO company in Surat

What OnlineCaptain do for SEO in Business?

OnlineCaptain has the best SEO expert team in Surat. Our team grows organic traffic on your website by making a perfect SEO plan.

Firstly, we are doing keyword research and making a full keyword list. After doing keyword research, we target long and medium-tail keywords for SEO.

Now is the time to create the content and make a high-converted landing page. Our team researches your competitors and creates the best content page. After that, we do some on-page SEO and add alt tags on images.

After completing on-page SEO, we are ready to move on to some social media link-building on your website. Our team already has some popular social media sites list which will boost your website ranking immediately.

We are also building some guest link building by writing an article on other websites.

Now, at this point in time, we have to give some time to the website for growing and applying changes.

Our team checks all technical SEO points like website loading speed, website server uptime, and sitemap updating on the google search console.

And finally, we provide ranking and SEO effort reports. So you can check your website performance.

Increase your website's organic traffic?